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Marvel characters
from a completely new perspective!

For the fans of the Marvel Universe and everyone who loves to discover new things and who quickly becomes fed up with standard toys. Wooblies with comic book heroes is what they need! 

Marvel characters from a completely new perspective!

Main advantages



Wooblies are a ton of fun, guaranteed thanks to meticulous workmanship and precisely balanced magnets located in every figurine.



Fully safe toys intended for children over the age of 3 or 5 (depending on the set). The product series meets European standards.



A series of figurines of Marvel comic book characters, which, after combats full of spins, turns and rolls, return to the upright position.

What are Wooblies?

Wooblies are sets with small and entertaining figurines and additional accessories for tremendous fun and collecting. Thanks to the built-in magnets, the superheroes always stand back up after a fall. With the abundance of different characters and fun possibilities that they give you, Wooblies are not going to become boring any time soon. The collection includes as many as 50 Marvel characters! – it is a real something for collectors!


Have fun with us!

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