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Our story

The founders of the company in its current shape are Magdalena Duhanik-Persson and Tomas Persson. In 2006, they became the owners of BRIO Polska – the Polish branch of Swedish company BRIO AB – one of the best-known manufacturers of wooden toys in the world. In Poland, this company operated under the name BRIO Polska since 1997.  

The goal of the company now operating under the name TM Toys was distribution of toys on the Polish market on a country-wide scale. The idea was to develop a portfolio of toys created under most common licences by renowned manufacturers. All the distribution licences obtained by TM Toys were exclusive in Poland. 

Our story

The best-known product lines that the company has introduced to the Polish market include: Tamagochi, Ben10, Zhu Zhu Pets and Rubik's Cube.

In 2015, the company started to expand its business in the neighbouring countries, becoming one of the biggest toy distributors in Central Europe. At present, it owns branches in Hungary, Czech, Slovakia and Romania. As the company developed, its offer was extended to include toys designed and manufactured directly by TM Toys. Original designs are taken care of by the employees of TM Toys branch in Hong Kong.

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Innovative solutions

By choosing the latest logistics solutions, we constantly raise the quality of our deliveries. We work with the Arvato Bertelsmann logistics centre certified for safety and quality in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 i 22000. Our warehouse is located in central Poland, near Poznań, from where we serve our Polish and international partners. TM Toys has many years of experience in the logistics of import from China and Far East. In order to meet the expectations of our customers,  TM Toys uses diverse product delivery methods: B2B, B2C, FOB, EX WORKS, DROPSHIPPING.

Innovative solutions

How do we work?

From the very beginning of our market presence, the company’s strategy has been distribution of premium brand toys from renowned international manufacturers. We also specialise in licence toys, that is toys that depict the most popular characters from movies, cartoons or comic books for children. The toys we distribute can be found in almost all hypermarket chains, SMYK and Empik chain shops, as well as in most toy stores in Poland. We operate on the same basis in Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Romania and Belarus.


We also work with well-established local companies in the Baltic countries and in the Balkans. With safety and proper children’s development in mind, we make sure that products we offer have all the necessary tests and approvals. We carry out selection processes to match the toys to appropriate age groups and choose ones that offer the best features from the perspective of child’s development and education. Our products have participated in many competitions for toy manufacturers and won numerous awards both in Poland and abroad.

How do we work?

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