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Sharp intellect and great fun

An excellent idea for valuable fun is combining it with your child’s intellectual development. With Club 2% – a unique game inspired by Albert Einstein’s riddle – it is possible. It includes 84 puzzles that the player can solve using logic, just like trying to find the answer to the prominent physicist’s riddle, which can be done by only 2% of the population.

Main advantages



All the elements of the Club 2% game have been made in a meticulous and accurate manner using high-quality materials, which allows you to not only enjoy its mind-stimulating features, but also its aesthetics.



Club 2% is intended for children over the age of 4; therefore, the manufacturer made sure that it is completely safe so that both the youngest and the older players can hone their logical thinking without any risk to their health.



The game consists of 5 plastic houses, 10 three-dimensional counters, 84 task cards with various levels of difficulty and an instruction manual. All the elements feature attractive colours and friendly design, but also simplicity in order not to distract the child’s attention from riddle-solving.

Logic is fun – but not only when you are alone

Although you can play Club 2% as a single player, it most certainly becomes even more fun if you share it with the entire family because when it comes to more difficult tasks, more people can work together to solve it. It will be an ideal way of spending your evenings together.

Even more fun with logic

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