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Crying dolls

A world hit that conquered the toy market. These 30-centimeter dolls act like real babies! They cry real tears, imitating a cry of a baby (at the back of the doll’s head, there is a water container). Their cute animal pyjamas make them look fantastic. They need tender care of a little mummy. The only way to calm a crying doll is to give it a dummy and lots of hugs. Cry Babies teach your child how to care for someone, while the wide range of products gives her the opportunity to find her dream doll! Children can watch their adventures and get to know each doll by tuning in the animated series on the YouTube Cry Babies Polska channel.

Brand’s main advantages



Cry Babies dolls are meticulously made using highest-quality and tested materials. 



The toys are dedicated to children over three years old. A safety guarantee compliant with European requirements.



Cry Babies is a series consisting of many models – each has its own name, while their pyjamas reflect various animals.

Tender care

With Cry Babies, your child will have the opportunity to step into the role of a little mummy and take care of her crying doll.

Which one do you choose?

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