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Most beautiful soap bubbles

This is the bubble world, full of positive emotions, where children and adults can enjoy their spare time, at home or outdoors.

Everyone can feel the Fru Blues!

Playing with bubbles allows you to create a different world – shimmering with the colours of rainbow, moving with the wind, bubbles take your breath away and let you forget about reality for a moment. They amaze and bring pure joy. Catching, blowing or chasing bubbles can last for hours and almost never gets boring.

Main advantages



The quality of Fru Blu bubbles is attested by the high-class materials used to make the product. The offer also includes a high quality bubble solution that allows making unique soap bubbles.



The bubble solution, manufactured in Poland, has been certified by TÜV and does not leave stains on fabrics.



Fru Blue offers a wide range of products (such as blasters, shooters, loops) to make wonderful soap bubbles. The bubble solution is included with the sets and also is available as a refill in large 3- and 5-litre containers. 

Great fun for the whole family

Soap bubbles will never go out of fashion. Such an easy way to have fun and create an amazing mood requires only good weather. The most beautiful bubbles are possible when there is high humidity in the air. Try it!

Full offer on: www.frublu.pl

Feel the Fru Blues!

Sing and dance to the Fru Blu song. Join us and dance with beautiful bubbles! It is amazingly good fun for the whole family. Fight the boredom! 

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