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Heroes that can take everything…

Goo Jit Zu are fun heroes created with children who love to explore the world and their surroundings in mind. Go Jit Zu figurines can be squeezed, pulled, twisted and deformed, and they always return to their original shape.

Each hero has their secret power-filling (such as sand, slime, cubes) that will stimulate your child’s senses.

Main advantages



Each toy is characterised by attention to detail and precision. The figurines are deformed only during play and always return to their original shapes.



The manufacturer used completely safe, non-toxic materials to make the figurines. The series is intended for children from the age of 4.



Goo Jit Zu are colourful, super stretchy heroes with funny names that refer to their specific features, such as Thrash the Megalodon Shark, Ultra Rare Braxor or Scorpius.  

Collect them all!

Each character is different, which makes it worthwhile to acquire the entire unique collection! 

Nowi bohaterzy Goo Jit Zu

New dimension of fun!

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