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Create & Play!

Spark your kid's creative genius with our original air-dry clay! It connects inspiring digital animation with tactile experience of clay modeling, improving child’s motor skills while having fun. Your kid will discover various shapes and colors, and imagination to create own unique craft designs. When the creations are finished and dried, kids can play with them and collect like toys and action figures. Free application available for download on GooglePlay and AppStore. Hey Clay, this is a lot of fun!

Brand’s main advantages



Hey Clay is a top quality product. The components ensure safe use as well as they are innovative, worthy of admiration. The highest quality of products has been confirmed by European certificates.



Safety is a priority for Hey Clay manufacturer. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, it doesn't pose a risk in contact with the sensitive skin of a child. When creating the product, special attention was paid to providing users with completely safe fun.



Hey Clay is a flexible foam mass. The light, non-staining formula allows you to model shapes with great ease. The unused mass can be stored in a tightly closed container without losing its properties.

Stimulate your creativity

Become the masters of creativity and let yourselves be immersed in carefree fun together. Discover Hey Clay and play with your child, developing his or her manual skills and expression.

Even more claying fun with large sets

Amazing clay mates

Lots of fun!

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