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A game that supports
your child’s intellectual

For many years, board games have been providing us with a great way to spend time with our loved ones. Remember that there is much more to them because they help your child develop positive traits and new skills. These include logical thinking, which your little one can hone by playing the unique board game Logicross. It is a set of logic puzzles at various levels of difficulty, in which the little player has the task to lead colourful animals across the river – the same species and colours separately. In order to achieve that, they will have to use logic.

Advantages of Logicross



The game manufacturer, TM Toys, has made sure that Logicross meets the highest standards; therefore, only high-quality materials and non-toxic paints have been used to make it. Its rich colours and interesting shapes will impress even the most demanding children, providing them with excellent and valuable fun!



Logicross is also perfectly safe. It is very important because the game is intended for children as little as five years old and over. It meets rigorous standards of toy making in Poland, which means that not only it is exceptionally solid, but, most importantly, children and parents can trust it completely!



Inside the Logicross package, there is a set of 16 meticulously made colourful animals, an equally colourful game board, a booklet with 60 puzzles and solutions and an instruction manual. Theoretically, it is dedicated to one player, although due to the nature of the tasks, the little one can be accompanied by anyone who feels encouraged to have fun and explore the ways of solving the riddles.

Incredible world of logic

The tasks are characterised by a rising level of difficulty, which makes them suitable for players of different ages. A child can play Logicross with friends, older or younger siblings, as well as parents. It is great fun for the entire family that guarantees long evenings full of laughter and brainstorming!

Exercise for the mind!

Logicross has won numerous distinctions and awards for one of the best board games for children.

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