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...an interactive Magic Cauldron

The world full of dreams and figments of imagination locked in an amazing Cauldron! Boost your child’s confidence and make them believe in fulfilling their dreams! Magic Mixies is a toy which makes your child discover new, incredible emotions while doing the magic and casting spells. Surprise your child with the unexpected! Magic Cauldron takes your child into a happy world full of fun and makes them feel as if they were real wizards. By casting a spell and adding magic ingredients to the Cauldron you will create a magic creature... But who will it be? Find out!

Main advantages



Magic Mixies is a toy that has been designed and made with the use of modern elements. They enable to achieve spectacular results as if it was real magic. The best components guarantee great fun every day.



A new toy, Magic Mixies, distinguishes itself thanks to certified components which do not cause an allergic reaction and do not pose a threat to child’s health. The toy is intended for children above the age of 5.



The toy is available in two colours: pink, and blue. Your child wants it among others because of an adorable plush pet hidden inside. The Magic Cauldron, wand and accessories are included.

Magic Mixies – how it works?

Cast a spell in 6 steps: 

  1. Pour a potion to the Cauldron (you will hear magic sounds).
  2. Add magic ingredients in a given order (6 steps).
  3. Having added all the ingredients, tap the rim of the Cauldron 3 times.
  4. Name your magic friend.
  5. Say magic words: “Magic Mixus!”
  6. The Cauldron will emanate mist, and then you will see your magically created friend!
Magic Mixies – how it works?
over 50 sounds and reactions

over 50 sounds and reactions

The Magic Mixies set includes: 

  • Gold and violet Magic Cauldron;
  • Interactive wand;
  • Spell book (instruction manual);
  • Spell ingredients and potions;
  • Your Magic Mixies (available in 2 colours: pink, and blue);
  • Gem Case.

Recommended age: 5+

Batteries: 3x LR44. Included in the set.

Do you belive in real magic?

Have magic fun together with you child. Do you remember your childhood and the time when one of everybody’s favourite game was to make one’s own magic potions by adding any ingredients available? Now you don’t have to search for the ingredients. Create a magic potion together with your child. You just need to add potion ingredients to the Magic Cauldron and wait until incredible, magic mist occurs. Your potion, made up of many amazing ingredients, will reveal something extraordinary! Look inside the Cauldron… There you’ll find a figment of your imagination – wonderful, plush friend that you’ve created! It responds to every touch of a magic wand – so the game never ends!

How to...instuction

Magic Mixie responds to spells cast with an interactive wand. A child can cast new spells and create different objects with the Magic Cauldron (a parent can surprise a child and place the objects in a special gem case inside the Cauldron before the child starts playing). 

There are 2 ways to play: Create Mode (with mist), and Spell Mode (without mist). 


Experience real magic with the Magic Mixies Magic Cauldron! You will be amazed when you see what magically appears from the mist when you finish casting your spell...who will you magically create?

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