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Twisted fun
with a spinning Totem!
Will you take on the challenge?

Start fun by spinning the Totem tops using the special “launcher". Release the spinning elements on a hard surface. Each of them has colourful built-in diodes. Be fast and train your dexterity by stacking the spinning tops (from the largest to the smallest ones) – it is quite a challenge! You need to build your Totem using all the parts before they stop spinning. Be careful not to make the moving structure tumble down!

Twisted funwith a spinning Totem!Will you take on the challenge?



The Totem has been made with attention to detail, while its solid materials enable safe fun full of unexpected twists.



High-quality materials were used to manufacture the toy, which guarantees safe fun for your child if the toy is used correctly.



It's a dexterity toy dedicated to children 7+. Glowing diodes, different top sizes and levels of difficulty provide never-ending fun! 

Great thrill guaranteed!

Spin the five tops using a launcher included with the set.

The toy requires 2×AAA batteries

Totem Infernal Power

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